Central Nippon Expressway

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Central Nippon Expressway Pass(CEP) is available now.







From the web site, check which rental car agencies carry Central Nippon Expressway Pass.


Book rental-a-car (limited to standard automobiles), ETC card (expressway toll card), and CEP from a shop offering CEP.








On the day of your booking, apply for the CEP at the rental car agency and receive instructions on its use. You will then be asked to pay the rental car and CEP fixed fees in advance.

Click here to see the Hayatabi Central Nippon Expressway Pass Terms of Use.  (PDF220KB)

Click here to see th ETC System Terms of Use. (PDF398KB)


Receive a car and an ETC card.


Please note that you will have to stop momentarily when using ETC lanes and Smart-IC on the Abo Pass Highway (Chubu Jukan Highway). You can click here for more information on how tollgates work. (PDF322 KB)

Expressways have rest facilities with restrooms, stores, and gas stations. (PDF419 KB)



Return the rental car and ETC card and pay for any outstanding expressway tolls that you paid for on the ETC card and that were not covered by the CEP unlimited driving area.


In the cases below, CEP does not cover the entire use of the area whether a section covered by CEP was partially traveled or not.

●Entering and exiting outside CEP service areas.

●Use outside the preregistered period.

If the expressway is entered at an interchange within a CEP service area and exited at an interchange outside a service area, or is entered at an interchange outside a service area and exited at an interchange within a service area, CEP does not cover use of the section outside CEP service areas, and a separate expressway toll will be charged upon return of the rental car and ETC card. Please return to the rental car outlet at your earliest convenience as it may take a while to confirm use of the expressway and to calculate additional tolls not covered by CEP. Travels to Noto, Wakura Onsen, Kansai Airport, Osaka, Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Karuizawa, and other areas in northern and eastern Nagano Prefecture include use of expressway sections not covered by CEP.

■About flat-rate and non-flat-rate expressways

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1.You use the ETC card outside the designated area.

2.You use the ETC card on an expressway not operated by NEXCO-Central, such as those of the Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited and the Nagoya Expressway Public Corporation.

3.You use the ETC card on an expressway outside of the period for which you applied.

When you drive through the ETC lane at a tollgate, you will see a display of the toll charges that apply from where you got on to where you are about to get off.

 If your trip was within the designated area, you will not be charged this toll.

If the barrier does not let you through at the tollgate, use the intercom to call an attendant. The attendant will assist you.

If you cannot go through a part of the expressway due to road closure caused by an accident or disaster.

Exit the expressway at the final interchange before the closed section and take a detour on local roads until you reach the first available interchange to get on the expressway.

In such cases, be sure to use the ETC card you were given by the car rental company.