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!【Customer Notice】 We stopped accepting Expressway Pass(JEP&CEP) applications!

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, Japanese government has declared a state of emergency. According to the government's new policy, we stopped accepting Expressway Pass(JEP&CEP) applications.

Resumption of our Expressway Pass will be announced on our website.

※In addition, if you have already made a reservation in advance, the pass would be still available for use.

Japan Expressway Pass


The Japan Expressway Pass offers visitors a way to use the expressways in Japan at an inexpensive flat rate.



Offer available to

・Holders of passports from nations other

・Japanese permanent residents of nations

・A driver’s license valid for driving in Japan



Expressways where Japan Expressway Pass can be used

 Expansion (PDF 985KB)


NoticeNote that the Japan Expressway Pass cannot be used for expressways inHokkaido, Sky Gate Bridge tolls (100 yen per round trip), Kanmon Tunnel, Daini Shinmei Road, Shuto Expressway,Hanshin Expressway, or expressways operated by the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co. or expressway public corporations.

However, it can be used on Sanriku Expressway (Sendai.Matsushima Road), Kyoto Jukan Expressway, and Bantan Road, operated by expressway public corporations.


Japan Expressway Pass Prices

7-day pass: 20,000 yen 

 ※20,400 yen from October 1, 2019

14-day pass: 34,000 yen

 ※34,600 yen from October 1, 2019

※Rent-A-Car fare is not included

※The Japan Expressway Pass can only be used with regular-sized passenger cars (“ordinary vehicles”).






 Reserve the car(only”ordinary vehicles”)and expressway electronic toll collection (ETC) card for use with your Japan Expressway Pass.


TOYOTA Rent a Car Reservation Center



Times Car RENTAL Global Customer Desk






ORIX Rent-A-Car Reservation Center



NISSAN Rent a Car Reservation Center



Budget Rent a Car Reservation Center


Heisei Car Retals Reservations


 other company,Please confirm below.

 ※Japan Expressway Pass car-rental dealer (PDF 74KB)


Important Information


◆Download Japan Expressway Pass brochure Here (PDF746KB)